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Funafuti Marine Conservation

The Funafuti Conservation Area is a marine conservation area covering 33 square kilometers (12.74 square miles) of reef, lagoon and motu (islets) on the western side of Funafuti atoll in Tuvalu. The marine environment of the conservation area includes reef, lagoon, channel and ocean; and is home to many species of fish, corals, algae and invertebrates. The islets are nesting sites for the endangered green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), specifically the islet Fualopa which hosts a breeding colony of black noddy (Anous minutes).


The decision to create a protected area (Kogatapu) was made in 1999; the purpose of the Funafuti Conservation Area is the conservation of the marine and land based biodiversity (plants, animals and ecosystems) within the protected area. The boundaries of the Funafuti Conservation Area encompass about 20 percent of the total coral reef area of Funafuti lagoon (Te Namo).

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