Esfam Lodge

Located at the Centre of Funafuti, the Esfam Lodge is a cosy complex to stay at. The Esfam Lodge is very conveniently located with only a three minute walk from the Funafuti Airport and Government Buildings. It consists of 9 rooms that are daily serviced by friendly and efficient staff that prioritize the well being of all guests. This Lodge is owned and operated by a Tuvaluan family that gives a special touch of Tuvaluan hospitality and Warmth. Since its opening, the Lodge has continued to renovate its rooms to ensure that guests continue to enjoy a Comfortable and Clean environment. The Esfam Lodge has accommodated people from all parts of the World.

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Esfam Lodge
Fakaifou side

Phone: (688) 20910

Wifi available in all rooms

Outer island excursions can be arranged

Rental motorbikes available for $10/day


All cancellations need to be made 24 hours before reserved date for no cancellation fee to be implemented. Cancellations within this 24 hour period will incur a 100% cancellation for the first night, and no shows will incur a 100% rate for the entire reserved period.